Let go of a year of discourse and manifest new beginnings.

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I’m sure I’m not the first to remind you that 2020 was an absolute s@#! % fest. I won’t be the last, either. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be reminding our grandkids in due time, prefaced with the “Back in my day” introduction.

As a global society, we saw a pandemic on a scale most of the world hasn’t seen on such a united front. Despite the global hostilities, political unrest, and economic devastation, the world somewhat had to band together to tackle so much unknown that it threw the very best of us into a whirlwind.


Fill your content pipeline with endlessly compelling topics

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Whether you’re a writer by nature, marketer by trade, or just like to create digital content, filling your pipeline is the biggest challenge of all. But that’s half the fun, right?

Hear me out.

Creating content doesn’t have to be the mind-numbingly, painful process that it’s often made out to be.

If you have an editorial calendar ready to go and laid out ahead of time, you’re more likely to smash it out of the park. Just like if you leave your gym gear on your dresser ready for your morning wake-up call, you’re more inclined to hit the treadmill…

There’s nothing more powerful than a mind filled with clarity.

A girl reads the first page of a book.
A girl reads the first page of a book.
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The thing about our ability to create thoughts is that this process never stops, especially when you’re a writer; it all becomes an endless cycle of turning words into reality.

We’re thinkers by nature, and that means we’re endless thinkers; the mind never sleeps. They’re always forming in your mind, and sometimes that becomes a burden like you can’t always make sense of what you’re feeling, and it becomes a mass of tangles in what I like to call ‘your mental realm.’

That’s hard, especially when you go to bed and then you’re left pondering about all of those thoughts…

Great tips, Brittany, but just one extra thought: Twitter doesn't favour Tweets that include external links. So if you include that in your Tweet, it's less likely to even appear in feeds.

Great post, Ryan. I'd love to know how you went engagement wise for your Medium articles, via Instagram. Did you see much referral traffic? And did you tie that into your email campaign?

Are your goals delivering growth?

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There’s never been a time in my life where goals weren’t the driving force of my daily endeavours. I can’t do things without knowing there’s something gained from it all. And that doesn’t mean I’m selfish — quite the contrary. I do just as much good for others (maybe more than for my self, at times) than the next girl. I’m just addicted to the process of action and results.

Maybe I’m my own worst enemy; maybe I’m my best influence. Who knows?

But somewhere throughout my journey, I started to recognise that a lot of my so-called ‘goals’ were…

Your journaling can unlock endless content ideas

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I recently discovered a new way to inspire and motivate myself to get more creative. I mean narrow down my skillsets and broaden my horizons. Some may call it getting “out of your comfort zone”.

Naturally, it’s hard to sit down and write thousands of words per day. That will never change, and it’s half the battle of being a professional creative; it comes with the job. And then there’s the fact that the world gets a little crazy sometimes — 2020 being a prime example.

So how do we keep up the pace as writers? How do we continue…

An easy checklist for getting your content seen

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Whether you’re dwelling on Medium or publishing on your own domain — WordPress, for example — the chances of readers finding your work when you’re starting from scratch, is little to none. I’m not here to shut you down or make you feel like it’s an impossible task to hack into the online writing field, but I’ll be the first to tell you that it takes some hard work and persistence.

But that’s where the excitement comes.

If you really want to make an impact online, half the effort comes from learning the skills to be seen and heard in…


No moment is better than another, but that moment is now

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Sometimes you don’t know what’s destined for you until you dare to face it.

I moved out of home in my early twenties. Fell in love — with both a man and the city — and found my future in it. There was something about the abundance of activity and endless suits roaming the streets that made me feel like I was really where I should be. You find your calling in among the high-rises and laneway coffee, inspired by the whispers around you and the hustle of CEOs that talk business as they stride up the sidewalks. …

Sometimes we just need to know there’s a way out of our own minds

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I remember the first time I put pen to paper in a journal. Actually, I remember most of the times I even started a new one — feeling the excitement of fresh pages and false promises to myself to fill them each and every day. Then time flew by and all the events that made me who I am never ended up in words.

Until now.

This year I had to change for the better and find some way — something — to let me escape from my own head. You know, the inner critic that never lets you speak…

Cassie McBlane

Writer, content marketing expert, blogger and all-round creative. I write about life and words.

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