Let go of the pressure and unrealistic expectations.

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What do we do when suddenly nothing inspires us? How do you get up and reach for the stars when you’re not sure what’s pushing you to climb for them? Our pursuits become a struggle when we can’t see a real reward in sight, and oftentimes, we assume that reward always has to be money.

The problem with feeling like you need to be productive every single day is that you get caught out in a mindset trap. Your brain becomes wired to think that you need to come out on top by the time you clock off and that…

Your challenge: define perfection

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When I think about how I became a writer, I think back to my childhood, and the things that made me who I was — what drove me and influenced my values. After all, that’s what makes us artists; we use our belief systems to create an image of ‘perfection’. And then we aim to reach it. As writers, this behavior is tenfold.

So, let me ask you this: when you create art (be it through words or strokes), how do you strive to meet perfection?

Hint: There’s only one right answer to this.

Answer: You Don’t

As you grow up, whether you…

Let go of a year of discourse and manifest new beginnings.

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I’m sure I’m not the first to remind you that 2020 was an absolute s@#! % fest. I won’t be the last, either. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be reminding our grandkids in due time, prefaced with the “Back in my day” introduction.

As a global society, we saw a pandemic on a scale most of the world hasn’t seen on such a united front. Despite the global hostilities, political unrest, and economic devastation, the world somewhat had to band together to tackle so much unknown that it threw the very best of us into a whirlwind.


Fill your content pipeline with endlessly compelling topics

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Whether you’re a writer by nature, marketer by trade, or just like to create digital content, filling your pipeline is the biggest challenge of all. But that’s half the fun, right?

Hear me out.

Creating content doesn’t have to be the mind-numbingly, painful process that it’s often made out to be.

If you have an editorial calendar ready to go and laid out ahead of time, you’re more likely to smash it out of the park. Just like if you leave your gym gear on your dresser ready for your morning wake-up call, you’re more inclined to hit the treadmill…

There’s nothing more powerful than a mind filled with clarity.

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The thing about our ability to create thoughts is that this process never stops, especially when you’re a writer; it all becomes an endless cycle of turning words into reality.

We’re thinkers by nature, and that means we’re endless thinkers; the mind never sleeps. They’re always forming in your mind, and sometimes that becomes a burden like you can’t always make sense of what you’re feeling, and it becomes a mass of tangles in what I like to call ‘your mental realm.’

That’s hard, especially when you go to bed and then you’re left pondering about all of those thoughts…

It’s time we understand that dangerous addictions go beyond drugs, gambling and alcohol.

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Addicted to scrolling on our devices; obsessed with diets that don’t have us feeling any better; in love with the rush that coffee gives us when we’re flat.

No matter the type of connection we have with habitual things in our lives, plenty of them are those we’ll never kick — partly because we don’t want to, but mostly because we can’t; we’re addicted.

Welcome to the Addiction Culture

Coinciding with cancel culture, the P.C epidemic, and moral revolution, there’s potentially never been a time where our reliance on so many things has been so potent. …

These three written traits are designed to convert

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There are endless ways to improve your copy and infinity reasons why you should aim to. But it’s not all that easy — I’ve been there. I promise you this though: it is well worth the effort, and once you nail down your personal formula to sales copy masterpieces, you’ll earn more than you ever have before.

If you find your sales copy isn’t converting or you’re still trying to refine your craft, gradually making improvements in different areas of your technique will allow you to get the most out of it in the long run.

Your content is what…

From a natural perspective, engaging with ANY content online will always let you gain your own organic engagement> Because that's just how social interaction and the push-oull efffectworks. You engage > you're letting them know you exist > they're likely to check out what you're up to and all about.

And how to optimize it for success

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Virginia Woolf probably had it right when she wrote A Room of One’s Own. The mind is truly able to spin magic without the environment to do so. And in a modern world where screens are the backdrops and our surroundings are mostly open-plan offices, there’s no wonder we often struggle to find inspiration to spark our creativity.

It’s not that the digital way of life has killed our ability to imagine a world outside of office walls, but there’s definitely a profound lack of cherishing one’s atmosphere and using it as fuel to craft something truly inspirational. …

Are the tech giants taking over journalism?

Laptop open to New York Times page on Facebook.
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After Facebook recently made waves with the Australian media and Morrison Government, there’s a lot left unsaid about publishing on the social media platform.

Last week, the tech giant announced it is in the middle of creating a self-publishing platform titled ‘Super Follows’, designed to support creators’ journeys through self-publishing on the web.

The platform will join forces with Facebook Pages to allow publishing throughout a number of formats, including live videos, photos, stories, multimedia designs, and more.

How Will Facebook’s Content Platform Work?

Essentially, writers will be able to earn cash for subscriptions gained towards their work. This will also trigger another income stream, much…

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