Why your marketing success in 2020 relies on using collaboration tools

As digital marketers, the way we work is something that often makes for great discussion when we’re out and about. Explaining our process around such a remote profession can be a challenge, faced with misconceptions, misunderstandings and a whole lot of questions.

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As marketers, we’re problem solvers, collaborators and perfectionists — but working away from a traditional office setup only further amplifies this behaviour.

Working as part of a team — whether you’re paired up with Heather from finance or Don from sales — requires communication, transparency and understanding.

In the marketing field, this is probably even more of a must-have, and the ability to act on-demand in any location can also be added to that list.

We’re our own breed, really. We find ourselves thinking up strategic ideas at 3AM or drifting off at family lunches on a thought tangent about click-through rates.

We’re always switched on.

But with that behaviour comes the constant flow of feedback, the need to seek approval and an endless cycle of collaboration with peers.

When you’re working in the digital world, fine-tuning and combining all of these opinions into something tangible is the toughest part of all.

How do you relay all of this communication on a single idea or project in a way that can be reflected in the work you’re doing? How do you take those 3AM light bulbs and implement them realistically when those around you are probably having moments like this of their own?

This is where establishing and investing in online proofing tools and communication platforms are absolutely essential.

Ten years ago, you’d have relied only on email and a whole lot of notebooks with scribbles to get your messages across your team.

We still do some of this, but we’ve innovated, transcended and evolved as the marketing Gods that we are.

From real-time chat programs through to-do list-based software — our work has made the move to where it should be: somewhere fluid, agile and able to cope with proofing, amendments and feedback 24/7.

Online proofing tools to streamline your approval process


Mostly used by digital designers, this platform is employed to track and optimise how projects are delivered.

Companies like Netflix and even MailChimp use this software to ensure each step of the design process is completely streamlined. The nifty part is that designers can go crazy with the freehand tool, allowing them to sketch out their biggest ideas on-the-go.

Source: Invision


Sometimes feedback and running a second pair of eyes over the work doesn’t mean restricting your team to plain document format apps or tasks.

Platforms like Slack have been adopted worldwide by some of the biggest companies, enabling teams to convey approval and communication without it all getting lost in email threads.

Channels can be made according to each individual project, inviting only those needing to participate in the process. There’s also the ability to use the calls feature to get in touch with team members for meetings or catch-ups. And that’s always a bonus in my books.

I’m not saying email’s dead — there will always be a place for it — but eliminating mixed or missed messages is always a plus for getting work live.

Source: Engadget


Digital never sleeps — neither does admation. Seriously.

Designed to sort your assets and allow for the tidiest revisions process possible, it’s the sidekick every marketing team needs.

And you don’t just have to be digitally-focused to use it, with features spanning across traditional media as well.

Stakeholders, clients, team members or managers can proofread or markup all work in real-time, adding comments where needed. Artwork can be approved instantly, and all revisions are condensed into a flow that’s easy to see where the progress sits.

Source: admation

Ultimately, it’s your answer to a mess-free ‘green light’ situation for your department’s biggest ideas. Instead of delaying publication and go-live dates, keep the wheels turning and fast-track all work throughout the pipeline.

What’s your favourite online proofing tool? Drop a comment with a platform you can’t live without in your daily workflow.

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