It’s Time to Write, Publish and Grow

Level up your writing technique now.

This week seems to have been a big one for a lot of us, but the business is where we can make it all happen.

And with that said, here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the first issue.

Write. Publish. Grow — ISSUE #1 Sneak Peak

I’ve spoken to a range of niche content creators and digital gurus this week, covering off discussions on perfectionism, discomfort and empowerment.

How are you using these three elements to achieve your biggest goals? Read on to find out how to combine these three elements into a powerful mindset.

PRO TIP: How to Succeed Through Discomfort

I promise you — living in discomfort doesn’t have to be scary. It can actually be your biggest avenue to accomplish your biggest and wildest dreams.

Remember that nothing worth striving for comes by sitting still; discomfort often brings about opportunities that we didn’t expect.

Use that as fuel in your everyday work.


  1. Accept: Start by acknowledging the sense of discomfort.
  2. Persevere: Unless there is no advantage at play, remain in the discomfort.
  3. Fake it: Sometimes the old saying “Fake it ‘till you make it” really does ring true.
  4. Acknowledge the bad: Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, life just sucks. Deal with it.
  5. Find your community: A like-minded circle of friends can be a powerful tool.
  6. Journal: Anyone who reads my work will know I’m a huge advocate of journaling. Grab a pen and paper — or your laptop — and record your progress. Alternatively, use a commonplace book. Note down wins, hiccups, thoughts, and observations. Reflection is important and your journal will be the Holy Bible for this.
  7. Celebrate: When you achieve a win, celebrate it in whatever way works best for you. G&T, vodka, tequila, a mocktail — whatever floats your boat.

Read my full guide on nailing discomfort here:

What I Can’t Get Enough Of

Add these reads to your list — they helped me deliver huge loads of work this week for my clients and finally create this first issue. They can help you do the same.

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